Photography was thrown at me during my time at IVC. Part of my media course was to complete a couple of photography classes; it was only then that I realised taking good, or even great, pictures was a lot more than just pointing a camera and clicking a button. Learning the ins and outs of how a camera actually operates intrigued me and I was then keen to get the best possible results out of whatever project my courses intended. I decided to continue my Flickr account (link below) and started uploading and creating albums of personal interest to me.

Since photography is only a recent hobby, I have very limited equipment. Travelling with basic equipment seemed a much better choice than buying expensive equipment, no travel and no life experience. I currently use a Canon Rebel T6 which has served me very well for 2 years. My plan is to upgrade to something with a wider range of abilities for me to improve my ever-growing skills.





1. Canon EOS Rebel T6 + 2 lens'

2. Altura Professional HD Wide Angle Lens

3. Lightweight Portable Tripod

A Seres Stroll


Below are a few of my favourite photo album compilations. However, they are not all of them. Click below to view some of the albums you may have missed out on...

Melbourne Street Art

Phillip Island


College Professors Top Picks (Portfolio)

San Diego 2018