As I explained on my home page, I like to try my hand at as many types of media as possible. Podcasts has been my latest. I really enjoy

filming, recording and just in-general, creating podcasts. I picked some of my friends who I knew had a lot to say on certain topics, but what I didn't realise was how much they actually had to say, and I prepared questions for them and just let them 'go ham'. Although podcasts are probably my least popular form of content, they are one of the most exciting to prepare for and then produce. I have learnt so much about space, modern technology, the MCU and much more just from sitting down and listening properly to my friends. 1 piece of advice I would give anyone, just listen to your friends and family, I guarantee they will have something to say.

Favourite Movie Universes w/ Louis Field

Favourite Movie Universes w/ Louis FieldNathan Seres
00:00 / 40:53

As you would have known, or I hope you would have known, from my previous podcasts with Louis; we both share a love for cinema.  That love is overpowered by a knowledge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we therefore had to limit our conversation on this topic and focused on our following, favourite existing and past universes. We delve into: Harry Potter, The MonsterVerse, Star Wars, Jurassic World and even touch on the Pixar Theory. 

Mental Health & Dealing with Grief w/ Hannah Cook

Mental Health & Dealing with Grief w/ Hannah CookNathan Seres
00:00 / 44:38

Hannah and I have both recently experienced an unfortunate amount of grief. During this podcast we discuss our stories and the different effects grief could have on your mental health.  Although this may be a tough listen for some, as it was definitely a tough recording session for us,  we understood both the educational and emotional value of this topic. Due to the differing longevity of our time periods dealing with this, our perspectives are varied and therefore re-visiting this topic at a later date may also be valuable later down the road. 

Spilling the Tea

Spilling the Tea: a @visaplease specialNathan Seres
00:00 / 1:03:47

In this first travelling podcast, after a long break from my previous episodes, Josh and I talk about the different characters we met while travelling and how some of these people we met influenced are perception of the standard traveller while also understanding the underlying fact that people who go travelling are a lot to handle. There should be a disclaimer explaining not to take offence if you are mentioned in this podcast, these are simply thoughts and opinions that we have, and others may not. So, enjoy the tea that is being spilled here today!

Episode 1: Space w/ EcoMatt

Episode 1: Space w/ EcoMattNDS Media
00:00 / 50:14

In my first Sofa Sessions episode I talk to my friend Matt about the wonders of space, what we believe is out there and whether or not to believe humans will ever have to move from earth. Matt, being a strong environmentalist, then steered us onto environmental conservation as our conversation predicted the likeliness of humanities downfall, with the unlikeliness of being able to move planets as easily as Elon Musk might suggest.

Episode 2: Marvel Superheroes w/ Louis Field

Episode 2: Marvel Superheroes w/ Louis FieldNDS Media
00:00 / 38:03

Around the time Louis and I recorded the first Marvel segment, Avengers: Endgame had just been released. The future of the MCU was the topic at hand. We delve into conversations about possible storylines and characters that could be brought in, as well as old characters that are past their 'due-date'. We also speak a little bit about comic book accuracy and how the MCU has changed the world’s view on superheroes.

Fun Fact:

This video got the most views on my YouTube channel.

Episode 3: Mainly Marvel Again w/ Louis Field

Episode 3: Mainly Marvel Again w/ Louis FieldNDS Media
00:00 / 30:45

Due to Louis' love of Marvel and anything superhero related he was very keen for a 3rd Sofa Sessions, and another one about Marvel. This time we talk about the similarities of the MCU and DCU (DC Universe). We talk about the character differences, who would win in fights and why; which one we believe to be the overall best comic book franchise out there, which understandably is a hard judgement to make when considering all factors. This episode was also the first Sofa Sessions I decided to film. 

Episode 4: Tattoo Taboos w/ my Cousin Josh

Episode 4: Tattoo Taboos w/ my Cousin JoshNDS Media
00:00 / 43:48

My cousin Josh is not just my cousin, he is also my best friend and has been since the day I was born. Covered in tattoos he has faced a lot of judgement; from work, family and strangers. We wanted to put the many taboos that tattoos have to rest. I was starting to get a couple myself and wanted to understand what difficulties I could face if I made a personal decision to get more. Josh is a colourful character who can make anyone feel comfortable, therefore this is a fun podcast which is relevant in the current era. Well worth the watch.

Fun Fact:

This was my first episode of Sofa Sessions actually filmed on a sofa! 

Episode 1: Modern Tech w/ Millennials

Episode 1: Modern Tech w/ MillennialsNDS Media
00:00 / 44:51

The idea of Radlett Reacts was to try and get more people involved with the podcasts. Sofa Sessions is supposed to be a much more personal podcast with those invited talking mainly through their own personal opinions and examples. We argue about modern and useful issues in today’s society. The first, and hopefully not last, episode featured my friends Oscar and Alex. Both very knowledgeable on modern technology, we discussed the dangers and wonders of the future. We talk a lot about Apple and new electric cars, while having completely different opinions on practically every topic!