Videography has been my most exciting endeavor yet. The thrill of planning and then executing a video never ceases to amaze me. It feels like a puzzle and simply hurts my brain if it is not completed. Throughout my travels with my friend Josh, I saw so many beautiful, vibrant, stimulating sights and sounds that I couldn’t resist the need to, continue my editing frenzy. I somehow convinced Josh to do a video blog with me after every country we visited.

Prior to this, I was creating random videos as and when I pleased, usually ideas that developed whilst talking to friends, who would then help me with that particular production. Whilst living in California I recorded more profile interviews, however when I came home to London, I started vlogging and creating less formal videography.


Below are some of my favourite pieces of work, however there are countless more on my YouTube channel (link above). I have also included some of my most impressive work from my time at 11 Health and Technologies. Also included is a link to their YouTube which will reveal an archive of work created by me.

If you are reading on the mobile version of this website, please visit my YouTube channel below or view the website on a computer.

Road Trip #1 (Australia)




Full-Moon Party (Thailand)


Vietnam #2

Vietnam #1


Bangkok (Stop 1)